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 Christmas        Experience

What is one tradition that is always a great experience?


The experience of having the annual search for the perfect Christmas tree.  Christmas is the time for giving and that holds true at Pine Grove Nursery.  We give full service, starting with cutting down the tree for you and your family to loading and securing your tree for travel.  All in all, we cut it, shake it, bale it, and load it.  Not to mention that we also offer the perfect stand for the holiday season.


We didn't forget about the little ones either, because when you visit Pine Grove Nursery make sure that all of the little ones find there way to our candy cane tree to pick their treat as a memory of the holiday.





Seedlings grown at Pine Grove Nursery are of the highest in quality.  We feel confident that we throw better product away than our competitors sell.  We feel that it is necessary to deliver a high quality product to our customers to keep them coming back.  Our customers are part of the Pine Grove family, and we will see that our customers are satisfied.


Thank you to all of our current and future customers.

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